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A New Look for HSP Athletics

Posted: 8/25/2014

Holy Spirit Prep was proud this week to show off its new look for HSP sports and spirit: a reimagining of our athletics identity that more closely expresses our identity as a Catholic, classically-inspired school and refreshes it for a new phase in HSP athletics, starting with a return to competition in the Georgia Independent School Association.  

Holy Spirit Prep’s Head of School, Kyle Pietrantonio, said, “This process began out of attempt to make our sports uniforms more uniform. We had a variety of uniforms depending on the season, on the field and on the court. And we wanted our athletics to convey our values as an institutions.”

To develop the new design, HSP parterned with John Hartwell of Hartwell StudioWorks, a studio dedicated to sports brand marketing for professional, collegiate, and secondary institutions to develop the artwork. HSP challenged John to express HSP’s identity as a Catholic, classically-inspired institution while retaining the traditional hallmarks of our athletics: namely, the Cougar mascot.

“We debated whether this was an opportunity to move away from the Cougar as our mascot,” said Pietrantonio, “but it’s become entrenched in the identity of the school as the mascot, in our war cries and in our songs.”

In looking to make the logos more closely reflect HSP's Catholic, classical identity - while still retaining our traditional identity as the Cougars - John turned to traditional Catholic and classical icons: stained glass, illuminated manuscripts, Lombardic lettering, and church architecture. 

What emerged from John's research is a fresh take on HSP's traditional athletic marks - the Cougar, coupled with the school's name - along with several new marks, including a new spirit shield. The shield has already been taken up as a badge of honor in HSP sports: you can see it on the back of football helmets this season as a sign of accomplishments achieved on and off the field - like UGA's dog bones or Clemson's paw decals. 

From this point on, these images will replace our old Cougar images. A new line of merchandise and apparel will soon be available. If you haven't yet received a car magnet or bumper decal bearing the new logos, check in with your campus office!